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Children’s Privacy Code

The rules that protect children and young people’s privacy are outdated. We want a Children’s Privacy Code to Ensure digital platforms realize children’s rights to privacy online. Interested in joining the campaign for a Children’s Privacy Code?

A Code might place obligations on digital platforms to advance children’s privacy, such as:

Ensure accountability and transparency: Publish T&Cs in ‘plain speak’ and enforce them. Have a clear process to make things right where things go wrong.

Engage with children and young people: Speak to young people and take their thoughts into account about how their data is collected and used.

Only use children’s data when it is in their best interests.

Put children and young people in control of their data: Be transparent about data collection and use. Minimize collection and restrict sharing. Make it easy for children to access, correct and delete data.

Ensure safety and privacy: High privacy by default. Undertake and publish Data Protection Impact Assessments.

A Code might improve some features and products on digital platforms for children, such as:

Geolocation: Turned off unless its essential to a service (like maps) or in children’s best interests.

Nudging and dark patterns: Limited to where it is in children’s best interest (like a nudge to take a break).

Parental controls: Children must know when these are turned on and what data parents can see.

Commercial marketing and profiling: Restricted unless it’s essential to a service (like a personalized learning app) and in children’s best interests.

Automated decision making: Limited to when it is in children’s best interest, and require human oversight if its an important decision.

Age estimation: Any tools to determine age must preserve privacy.

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The need for greater privacy protections is supported by a coalition of leading childhood, youth and data rights organization's such as:

Australian Child Rights Task Force

AMF Foundation

Reset Australia

Children & Media Australia

Child Fund Australia

Centre of excellence for the Digital Child

Centre for Digital Wellbeing

Young & Resilient Research Centre

ACU Institute of Child Protection Studies

Act for Kids

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